Safety Information

Riding Levels Explanation (Aug 2008 newsletter)

by Ted and Joyce Strutz

The Region D Rally in Tiffin is fast approaching. It isn't that far away and here is another good chance to take advantage of the educational opportunities provided by GWRRA. There are several good seminars being offered. While we are on the subject of education, always be on the lookout to take a Rider Course. It really does help to sharpen your skills and to break bad habits you may have picked up. I have taken three different rider courses in the last few years and I have to say that they have definitely helped me be a better rider.

While we are on the subject, let me explain the Levels program in some detail. Education and the Levels program are some of the basic roots of GWRRA. I really encourage you to consider becoming part of the program.

• Level I is very easy to achieve. It is nothing more than committing to ride safely. All you have to do is fill out the application and the cost is only $6.00. This is a one-time fee and there is nothing to do to keep it current. Please consider taking this step.
• Level II is safety by education. You first need to be enrolled in Level I and have 5,000 safe miles. You must also have taken an approved Rider Course within the last three years. The fee for this level is $5.00 which is also a one-time fee. You can stay current by taking an approved Rider Course at least every two years.
• Level III is called safety by preparedness. You must be enrolled in Levels I & II and also hold a current certification in CPR OR First Aid. The fee for this level is $4.00 and again is a one-time fee.
• Level IV, otherwise known as Master Tour Rider, is the highest level one can achieve. You must be current in Level III for at least one year and submit copies of all your completion cards. Next, you need a written recommendation from any GWRRA Officer and must have ridden a minimum of 25,000 safe miles. You also need to be certified in CPR AND First Aid. You also commit to being in proper riding gear whenever you are on the bike. The fee for this level is $35.00.

To stay current in the Levels program all you have to do is keep current with your Rider Courses, CPR, and First Aid. None of this is really that difficult and is really a benefit to you and your loved ones. I'll get off my soap box now!