Safety Information

Spring Riding (Apr 2009 newsletter)

by Ted and Joyce Strutz

Have you done your T-CLOCK inspection yet? I know everyone is getting anxious to get out on the road if you haven't already. It is very important to check your bike out before going out on the road with it. If you don't have a checklist I will make sure to have some at the gathering in April.

Another good idea before hitting the road is to take a short ride to a nice open parking lot to practice some braking and maneuvering. Make sure you are ready in case you have to do any hard braking and or swerving. We have had a long hard winter and there are potholes everywhere. I have seen some that I almost believe could swallow a bike whole. Be on the lookout for loose sand and gravel in the corners too.

With spring arriving it is also time again to watch out for farm machinery. The farmers are going to be starting to work the fields and planting. Some of their equipment takes up more than one lane and is pretty slow moving. Remember, the farmers have gotten used to not seeing us on the roads for all these long winter months. It will take them a while to get used to noticing us sharing the roads with them again. That means we have to be especially careful and ride more defensively.

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